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Industrial Noise Tents are available in Complete or Partial enclosures.  Enclosures can be floor mounted,ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or suspended from a roof deck.  When using a complete four-
sided enclosure with a roof, the noise reduction can exceed 20 dB(A) while still offering access, visibility and ventilation. 

enclosurePartial Enclosures are defined as a barrier wall, two or three sided enclosure, or a four sided enclosure without a roof.  Noise reduction can exceed 15 dB(A) on a partial enclosure utilizing our Barrier Backed or Barrier Septum Composites.  Standard components are utilized to offer custom enclosures to meet your specific application.

  •  Actual noise reduction up to 25dB(A)
  •  Custom engineered for any application
  •  Washable and steam cleanable component materials
  •  Variety of framing systems available



    Engineer inspecting Sound Blankets
    At University of Albany 

    lower water fountain area 

    Engineers hanging Sound Blankets in the lower area of the Fountain area. These Sound Blankets were placed around the perimeter of the lower water Tower Construction area at the University of Albany so University Classes can still be held..


    University of Albany Construction progressing with Sound Blankets
    on the perimeter wall

    Recent Works